Are you

Stuck for Case Studies? Not sure how many points to write? Always missing the point? Not answering the question?

Economics is a broad subject combining both skills and content, and many students are often at a loss over how to prepare properly for it.
Worse still, some students preparing for it do not even know that they are doing it the wrong way!

Here are some common misconceptions about the subject:

Everyone is
taking it

It must be easy!

Economics is not an impossible subject, but it is definitely not easy.
It is just as demanding as any other subject you can choose at JC, if not more.
It is however true that many people take it, and rightly so as it is an extremely practical and useful subject!

All I need
to do is

Memorise, Memorise, Memorise, just as I have always done.

You will need to remember key content, but if this is the only skill you have, do not expect to do too well.
Moreover, the syllabus is so content heavy that memory work is not only meaningless but practically impossible.
Cliché as it sounds, strive for understanding first before memorising mindlessly.

Our Centre

Founded in 2012, JC Economics Tuition Centre has been a learning companion to hundreds of students who have attended lessons.

Our teaching philosophy is that “It's not what is poured into a student, but what is planted.”

We hope that our students grow to become successful individuals, not only in examinations but in life.

Contact us at 8251 3684 to find out more about our lessons and schedules!

Distinction for Economics

- The Virtuous Cycle

Learning Economics is made simple by following these three simple steps.

This is the approach JC Economics Tuition Centre promotes to its students and endorses!
Every step is made simpler with JC Economics Tuition Centre.

Some of the ECONOMICS skills we teach include:

  • How to understand the question requirements by looking out for key words
  • How to analyse data and compare across them
  • How to write concise but clear Introductions, Body Paragraphs & Conclusions
And more to help improve your grade and enhance your grasp of the subject!